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Optimize your Accounts and Statutory Compliances Systematically


Intial Business Setting up

In the current scenario, more and more skilled people are interested in starting their own business and become entrepreneurs.

Team SNCO helps you choose the best organization constitution for your new ventures at a minimal cost. We execute necessary incorporation documentations and helps in obtaining all necessary initial registrations prescribed by various local, state and central statutes. To protect your business identity we facilitate registration of Trademark/ Logo. As your business grows we help you finance your business needs by doing necessary paperwork for bank loans. We also help restructure your organization legally and enable smooth transition from the old model to the new one.

Accounting Solution

Proper Accounting is a must for any small or big entity to know their actual profitability cum financial status and as part of their statutory compliance. Improper accounting can lead to loss of your hard earned money through various kinds of revenue leakages and excessive expenses. Where the accounts are maintained improperly it will lead to misleading MIS reports to management resulting in destructive business decisions.

Team SNCO identifies the best accounting practices in your area of business. For implementing the same we ensure for you necessary software implementations, adequate qualified staffing,proper training to these staffs on the best accounting practices etc. The well equipped research wing of SNCO alerts the management and accounts department immediately with changes in various statutes whereby preventing losses on account of statutory noncompliance. Altogether ensure professional level accounting in your entity for better results.

Taxation Solutions

In the current age efficient tax planning is a must for any business to grow and prosper. Huge liabilities to tax/ government departments due to minimal statutory compliance is a problem faced by growing businesses.

Team SNCO help businesses to minimize tax liabilities by implementing the best accounting practices, ensuring 100% statutory compliance in the areas of ESI, PF, TDS, Income Tax, Service Tax etc by the entity and provides the appropriate tax planning advices.

Setting Internal Controls

As a business grows, the increasing pace of activity, increase in staffs etc causes management to loose it’s grip over administration, finance and other areas of a business.

SNCO sets customized and effective internal controls in all the areas of a business by conducting a study of the processes and identifying the weak spots. The controls set help businesses to achieve increased revenues, expense reduction, improved statutory compliance, enhanced employee productivity and efficient use of organization resources. We implement various MIS reports to help management to know the actual performance of their business, products, employees etc periodically thereby equipping them to take corrective measures at relevant points of time.


Statutory Filing

We help businesses complete their statutory filings within due date at any cost minimising interest & penalty expenses. Filing Services are provided for Income Tax, Service Tax, ESI, EPF, TDS etc.

Audit Support

Is audit of accounts of your organisation delayed every year? Team SNCO through it’s experienced team helps finalise the accounts by scrutinising the accounts and correcting the mistakes. We ensure through monthly checking ensure accounts are maintained upto date and that it is audited and necessary audit reports are obtained within due dates.

Agreement Drafting/ Review

We draft/ review all kinds of agreements your business requires/enters into at minimal cost and protects business from losses due to agreement noncompliances