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Academy for Excellence in Accounts & Statutory Compliance

Run by Group of Experienced Accounting & Taxation Professionals

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SNCO has been operating in the domain of Accounting, Taxation and Statutory Compliance’s since 2011. While interviewing candidates, for appointment in accounts department of our clients, we have often observed that; most candidates lack knowledge of the statutory compliance’s, e-filing procedures etc., under various Acts . This lack of knowledge, often reduces the overall professional value of a candidate during the final assessment by clients, resulting in a lower pay scale on appointment. Furthermore, such semi-skilled candidates also run the attendant risk of receiving low priority when they are considered for promotion, in the coming years. This lead us to start

SNCO Training Academy (Your Academy for Excellence in Accounts & Statutory Compliance)

to fill the skill gap among the accountants to enable them to achieve greater heights in their career and become a successful Professional Accountant.

Through providing in depth knowledge in common provisions under various statutes applicable to all organisations and practical training on related E-Filing of Returns cum Forms and accounting aspects of these statutory requirements, we intend to make you a Professional Accountant fully confident to perform duties of a Senior Accountant and attend interviews for such Senior Accounting Posts. Also more and more small enterprises are now a days willing to appoint a single accountant with deeper knowledge of statutory matters at higher pay than to outsource the filing works as part of statutory compliance and management control. The carefully designed modules of the course will help you address your doubts in daily accounting and E-Filing requirements.

Completion of this course will not be the end of your relationship with us. We would be continuing our professional relationship with you all the way in your Professional Accounting career. There will be Online support for you in clarifying any on-job intricate Accounting & E-Filing requirements as we understand the vastness of this Professional Arena and the difficulties faced by you as an Accountant. We welcome you to be part of SNCO, a family of like minded Accounting Professionals by attending the course and succeed in your Professional and Personal life.


Training on :  “Theory and E-Filings under Statutes & their Practical Accounting”

Through the carefully designed course modules, we intend to make you understand practical aspects of accounting and become skilled in E-filings under various Statutes currently commonly applicable to all organisations. Learning these E-Filings will equip with other filings due to their similarity in procedures. Even otherwise we will be there to support you in case of doubts in your job.


Areas Covered


A practical understanding on various sections of Income Tax Act, 1956 relevant for a Senior Accountant to

  • prepare Advance tax estimates,
  • Calculate Monthly TDS on Salary,
  • Accounting of expenses complying with Income Tax Provisions.
  • Filling of Income Tax Returns and Uploading.
  • Registering and using Account in Income Tax Website
  • Viewing and understanding Form 26AS.



A practical learning of Provisions of TDS under Income Tax Act for an Accountant to

  • Applying for TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) & PAN.
  • Compute TDS on Salary, Contracts, Rent, Commission, Professional Charges etc.
  • Procedure of Filling and Payment of Online Challan
  • Monthly Preparation and Filing of TDS Returns.
  • Registering in TRACES, Downloading TDS Certificates, Filing Online Corrections etc.



A basic outlay on the GST Provisions with practical examples based on the latest Model Law covering

  • GST implementation – an overview.
  • Registration under GST
  • Input Tax Credit Provisions
  • Valuation of Supply Provisions
  • Time & Place of Supply Provisions
  • GST & Job Work Provisions
  • GST & Accounts, Records cum Audit
  • GST & E-Commerce
  • Transitional Provisions from VAT/Service Tax etc to GST



An In depth analysis of important sections of ESI and EPF acts with practical exposure on filing of returns and forms.

  • Registration under ESI, PF
  • Adding new Employees and Cessation
  • Computing Contribution and Generating Challans
  • Payment of Challans Online
  • Filing of Various Forms



An in depth learning and practice of complicated accounting entries and entries for statutory matters

  • Accounting of TDS and it’s payment
  • Accounting of Income Tax Provision and Payment
  • Accounting for VAT/ Service Tax/ GST Collection, Payment, Input and Set off
  • Accounting for Salary, PF, ESI Contribution due, Payment
  • Year End Closing entries of Accounts and Opening Correction


Join our course and become a Professional Accountant. Placement Assistance available to candidates completing the course.

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Training Fee –  Rs. 7,500/- only

Course Duration – 20 classes of 3 hours each.

Classes only on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Morning Batch – 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Afternoon Batch – 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.